11 Advantages of Booking Driving Lessons Online

“What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”—this line by W.H. Davies aptly sums up the life of the urban population across the world. Hence you cannot always do what you want in the limited twenty-four hours of a day. The busy 9-5 work-life leaves us exhausted and we cannot always accomplish everything as a business in Burwood and other places in Australia close by 5:30 PM. Hence, if a service or product is not available online after the close of business, it can be quite a disservice to the customers. Hence nowadays quite a few services are being offered online. Driving lessons in Burwood are being offered online.

Another reason for driving lessons being offered online since 2020 is the COVID-19 pandemic situation across the world. Due to lockdown and maintaining of social distancing norms, physical driving lessons cannot be conducted now. Hence, many driving schools are conducting online driving lessons in Burwood. In fact, booking online driving lessons is a much better idea and can be quite beneficial. From customer safety to increased accessibility and flexibility, there can be several benefits of taking online driving lessons.

Benefits of online driving lessons

Here are a few advantages of online driving lessons:

  1. You can book your lesson at any time of day: With most businesses working from 9 am to 5 pm, it becomes difficult to book an appointment for driving lessons in Burwood. Also, usually, instructors are busy all day and do not find time to return calls. Online service allows you to book an appointment from anywhere and at any time of the day. Especially if you are occupied throughout the day and cannot find a suitable schedule, then the best option is to book an online service.
  2. You can research the instructor and make an informed decision: Usually, when you book a driving lesson, you are assigned a driver from the pool of driving instructors in the driving school based on their availability. You are not given a choice to select your own instructor. A good driving school gives you a chance to view the profiles of the available driving instructors and make an informed decision. You have visibility to the driver’s availability, years of training experience, qualifications, and accreditations.
  3. Flexibility in selecting a driving instructor: Usually in the traditional format of driving lessons in Burwood you are assigned a driver and you are stuck with that driver for the entire duration of the driving lesson. But in the case of online lessons, you have the flexibility to change your driver after the first lesson if you are not satisfied with the experience or if there is a change of location.
  4. No waiting time: Booking a driving instructor through a call can be quite frustrating. The instructor may not be available to answer your call, may not return the call also. Sometimes the instructor may call you back at odd hours when they are done with their classes. Booking an online lesson saves you from all these inconveniences.
  5. Get to know the availability of the instructor: Traditional driving lessons in Burwood try to fit you into a schedule that is suitable for the instructor and as a result many lessons may get rescheduled by you and you end up not taking the class. A modern online driving lesson will give you visibility into the driver’s available slots and as a customer, you will have complete control to select your slot.
  6. Get to know the client testimonial and reviews of the instructor: Unlike traditional driving lessons, in online driving lessons, you will be able to see the rating, review, and testimonial that the instructor has received from other learners. This can help you make an informed choice.
  7. Know about the vehicle in which you will do your practical classes: Driving can be an exciting experience, but you have to remember that you are handling a very complex machine with inherent risks. There are different vehicles with different specifications. It is always best to know from before the model of car that you are comfortable with and choose an instructor based on the model they drive. This will help you in the future to buy a car that you are comfortable in.
  8. Quicker response time: If you are booking a deriving lesson over the phone, it can be quite time-consuming with you being able to get through to the instructor, discussing their availability, and then booking a slot. All this can be done in a few minutes when you book a class online. With zero waiting time, online driving lessons can be quite customer-friendly.
  9. The flexibility of location: For traditional driving lessons, you need to avail the lesson from the location where you purchase it from. This can limit your options; it can also disrupt your lesson if you suddenly have to shift to another location. However, if you book a class online you have no location constraint and in case you miss a class, you can easily redeem it at a later date.
  10. No scope for confusion or misunderstanding: Sometimes with booking driving lessons in Burwood over the phone, it can be quite frustrating if you have noted the wrong number or if you end up talking to the wrong instructor. But booking your lesson online means you have full control over the data, and you can choose a time slot, a location, and an instructor of your choice.
  11. Easy access to supporting documents: Along with all the other facilities, a major advantage of online lessons is access to supporting documents. A good driving school will give you access to an online library or a website from where you can read up on all the resources necessary to clear the driving test.

Because of these myriad advantages, online driving lessons are gaining popularity in Burwood and other places in Australia. If you have not yet booked your online driving lesson with EASY 2 LEARN Driving School, do so now! Contact us on 0405 477 217 or write to us at info@ezy2learndrivingschool.com.au. Our trained and knowledgeable instructors will train and guide you to pass your exams in the first attempt itself! We are open daily from 7 am – 8 pm.