KEYS2DRIVE LESSON is an Australian government-aided program offering learner drivers along with their parents with a free lesson under the guidance of KEYS2DRIVE accredited professional driving instructor. At EZY 2 LEARN Driving School, we have a accredited keys 2 driving instructor who can offer you this free lesson. You just need to provide us with “Free Lesson ID” and we can suggest an appropriate time with the learner and supervisor to continue with this lesson. Only the eligible candidates can opt for this lesson.
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Yes, we do. Keys2Drive driving lesson is an Australian government guided program under which every learner driver and their parents can get the opportunity to get free lessons. These special free lessons will be trained and supervised by the only Keys2Drive accredited driving instructors. 

As far as our services are concerned, we already have an accredited Keys2Drive professional driving instructor in our team of instructors who will help you with these free lessons. All you need to do is to give us your 'Free Lesson ID'. After you submit the necessary details, we will suggest a convenient time when you can have the guidance of our accredited instructors. 

Please remember that this ID is quite essential for us. As we have mentioned in the beginning, it is a government-aided program, so we cannot allow anyone to opt for the lesson without proper identification or eligibility. In case you accidentally lose your free lesson ID, you can ask us to resend it. However, if you still do not get the ID through an SMS, you can still give us a call or mail us giving details such as your name, licence number, date of birth, email address and mobile number. We will get back to you ASAP.

Key2Drive is undoubtedly a revolutionary driving program funded and aided by the Australian government. The program is entirely free of cost for the learner and their family members as well. The government has initiated it to make sure everyone in the country can gain knowledge about road safety under the supervision of accredited professional instructors.

It is a simple process of claiming for the lesson plan. At the first step, you have to register. You need to provide some details for that process: learner's license number, valid email address, mobile phone number, supervisor's name, mobile number, and email address. As a rule, to gain eligibility for this free driving lesson, your supervising driver (usually either of the parents) has to attend the lesson with you. 

This lesson is available for anyone who is under their L plates. The supervisor who will accompany you during the lesson has to be a fully licensed driver. Do remember that only the learners holding Australian learners permit are eligible for the free lesson. Anyone who has an international driving permit and is currently upgrading to an Australian driving license is not permitted to get the driving lesson.

The Keys2Drive lesson plan is a beneficial lesson plan for any learner driver currently under an L plate licence. It is one of the best government-funded and aided plans for people eager to learn driving but cannot bear the cost of the lessons. Although the government will take the entire expense, the learner must adhere to some eligibility requirement criteria set by the government.

Rule 1: The learner driver must have an Australian learner's permit. Any person holding an international driving permit will not be considered eligible for this free lesson plan in the process of upgrading it to the Australian permit.

Rule 2: The learner driver must submit the details of a supervising authority who will guide and accompany them during their learning sessions. The supervising authority must be fully licensed. Usually, either of the parents remains as the supervising authority.

Rule 3: If you already have an Australian license after passing the driving test, you will not be eligible for the free lesson.

Rule 4: The drivers upgrading to P plate from the automatic to the manual transmission also do not have the eligibility of this free lesson plan.

A recommendation for the supervisors from the government - Please get your license checked by the state licensing authority to make sure that you are legally allowed to supervise a learner or not to avoid any sort of prosecution afterwards.