What Will I Learn During My Driving Lesson in Harrington Park?

Have you planned to learn to drive sometime soon? Have you enrolled yourself in a driving school in Harrington Park? Well, there might be a lot of things running in your mind now. While you might be excited to learn something, you have been interested in for so long, you might be equally anxious & nervous about the same. This is natural, and people often go through this phase with mixed feelings. However, it might be a good idea if you know what to expect from your driving lesson and how it will be for you to put an end to your nerve-wracking thoughts.

This blog will focus on and address the know-hows of a driving lesson. Without much ado, continue reading this blog to gain some knowledge about your driving lessons.

  • Initiation from the passenger seat
  • The foremost thing you will learn in a driving lesson at any driving school in Harrington Park is sitting quietly in the passenger seat. Your lessons will start from being in the passenger seat and allowing your instructor to take you to a silent place to avoid barriers. Your instructor will pick you up from your place or residential area and drive through the road to an open space where you could easily learn to drive. Your instructor might ask you to observe a little while you stay back in the passenger seat.

  • Grab the basics
  • To help your driving lesson fly by without a hitch, your instructor will introduce you to the basics before getting out on the roads. You may expect a cockpit drill that will enlighten your knowledge regarding the role of the various parts present around the driver’s seat of the car. You need not worry much about the basics as your instructor will plan the lessons for you and come prepared to teach you the A to Z of driving. While you learn the basics, you must focus on what your instructor is telling and listen to their instructions carefully to have a better learning experience.

  • A whole lot of sneak-peek
  • While your instructor of driving school in Harrington Park teaches you the car’s controls and introduces you to the car’s instruments, they will also help you practice looking in the mirror. Now, this is an essential part of your learning process. If you don’t have the habit of looking in the mirror and observing the vehicles at the rear, you still have scope to learn a lot. Your instructor will help you realize the importance of a mirror and why you must strictly enforce the habit of looking into the mirror every now & then. As you go through your driving lessons each day, you will be looking a lot in the mirror to check if any vehicles are coming from behind.

  • Safety first
  • Your instructor will also explain to you the safety procedures while you learn to drive. Also referred to as the cockpit drill, it will also comprise explanations from your instructor regarding adjusting various parts of the car that help you drive safely. You need not worry about this, as your instructor will make sure this is a slow process to have enough time to learn. Meanwhile, if you are unsure about anything or do not get any of the procedures, you must ask the same to your instructor & they will gladly repeat the same for you.

  • On the rolls
  • Now that you are versed with the safety procedures & basics of driving, it is time to take your seat and let the wheels roll. Your instructor from a driving school in Harrington Park will ensure that you do not face traffic or worry about the cars. In addition to this, your instructor will make sure that you are well-versed with the basic maneuvers and the important techniques for a safe drive. While you have grasped these techniques, you know that you will drive great & safe for as long as you have the steering in your hands.

The ABC of driving

When you are in the driver’s seat, the next step is to know the ABC of driving or the car controls. It is easy to remember where A is Accelerator, B is Break, and C is clutch. Your instructor will now explain the uses of these pedals and the sequence of using them while you drive. When you learn the ABC, the next thing to learn will be the gear stick supplemented with a handbrake. With all this theoretical knowledge, you will have the chance to gain hands-on experience. You can start driving and learn how to switch between the pedals and move the car ahead. Slowly and steadily, you will get into the practice of driving while paying attention to the blind spots and mirror. Apart from this, you will know when you need to signal the indicators for the vehicles coming behind.

Seat switch to avoid the glitch

The process of driving is not only about listening to your instructor and driving. It also involves polishing your observation skills to pay heed to the actions that your instructor performs. The instructors from a driving school in Harrington Park might ask you to switch sides with them. While they ask you to switch, you must carefully observe what they are trying to tell and what their actions indicate. Your instructor might show you the hold of the steering or how you need to ease the brakes. When you have all the knowledge, and your instructor is there to provide you with the real-life demo, you know that you are learning the correct way and will be a good driver.


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