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Welcome to EZY 2 LEARN Driving School in Chipping Norton

Are you seeking a Driving School Chipping Norton that not only teaches you to drive but also nurtures your skills, confidence, and road safety awareness? Look no further than EZY 2 LEARN Driving School, your dedicated partner in crafting proficient, responsible drivers. Our ethos revolves around providing comprehensive, personalized driving lessons that cater to learners of all levels.

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Why choose us as your go-to driving school? 

At EZY 2 LEARN Driving School, we pride ourselves on a stellar team of highly qualified driving instructors. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to each lesson. They are not just teachers; they’re mentors, guiding you through every aspect of driving with patience and proficiency.

Tailored Driving Lessons for Every Skill Level

At EZY 2 LEARN, we understand that each learner has a unique learning curve. That’s why our driving lessons are meticulously crafted to suit your individual needs and preferences. Whether you require more time to grasp certain maneuvers or wish to focus on specific areas of improvement, our driving instructors adapt their teaching approach to ensure you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

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Here is a look at all the aspects of driving that we cover:

Following are our qualifications:

  • Safety
  • Compliance to Traffic Norm Compliance
  • Confidence
  • Road Positioning
  • 3 second Proper selection of gaps
  • Response to hazards or untoward situations while driving
  • Avoidance of risk
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Speed Control
  • Decision Making
  • Driving in all terrains, traffic, and weather conditions
  • All good driving practices

Comprehensive Curriculum & Varied Techniques

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide array of driving aspects, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. We emphasize not just the technicalities of driving but also the importance of defensive driving, road awareness, and hazard perception. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, our goal is to instill in you the ability to anticipate and react to various driving situations confidently.

Building Safe & Responsible Drivers

At EZY 2 LEARN, we prioritize not just passing the driving test but cultivating safe and responsible drivers for life. Our approach emphasizes the importance of road safety, responsible decision-making, and adherence to traffic rules and regulations. We don’t just aim to teach you to drive; we strive to nurture habits and skills that ensure safe driving practices beyond obtaining a license.

Practical Application & Real-World Scenarios

Real-world driving scenarios are integral to our teaching methodology. Our driving instructor simulates various road conditions and scenarios during lessons, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations. This hands-on approach helps in developing quick reflexes, decision-making skills, and adaptability while on the road.

Lifelong Skills for Safe Driving

Embarking on your driving journey with EZY 2 LEARN Driving School Chipping Norton guarantees more than just acquiring a license; it’s about gaining a lifelong skill set. Our instructors not only impart technical knowledge but also share invaluable insights and strategies for real-world driving scenarios, preparing you to handle any situation confidently.

Unmatched Quality & Convenience

Our commitment to excellence extends to providing unparalleled quality and convenience. We understand the importance of flexibility in scheduling driving lessons, offering a range of time slots to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Moreover, our fleet comprises state-of-the-art vehicles equipped with the latest safety features, ensuring a comfortable and secure learning environment.

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Drive Confidently! Drive Safe!

Please remember that good driving requires a combination of factors. Firstly, you need to keep several safety regulations in mind while driving. However, there are many drivers who become nervous just because they have to keep so many regulations in mind. You cannot compromise your confidence if you are looking forward to becoming a reliable driver.

Besides training nervous and inexperienced drivers, we guide aged drivers as well. Expect detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses during the first session itself.

We want driving to be a beautiful journey for you instead of a tedious learning experience. At our driving school in Chipping Norton, we ensure that is exactly how your driving experience turns out to be!


  • Certificate IV Driving in Driving Instruction
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment
  • KEYS2DRIVE Accredited FREE LESSONS for each learner
  • Clearance certificate for Working with Children’s Check
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator Module 1
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach Module 2
  • Driving instructor Trainer and assessor for new RMS accredited driving instructor
  • Award winning best driving education provider in Sydney of 2021 Australian Enterprise Awards.

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What makes EZY 2 LEARN Driving School stand out in Chipping Norton?

EZY 2 LEARN sets itself apart through a team of seasoned instructors dedicated to nurturing confident drivers. Our focus on personalized lessons tailored to individual learning styles ensures a comprehensive and effective learning experience. We prioritize not just teaching driving skills but instilling a deep understanding of road safety and responsibility.

How are lessons structured for different skill levels?

Regardless of expertise, our curriculum caters to all levels. For beginners, we cover foundational basics, gradually progressing to more complex maneuvers. Intermediate or advanced learners benefit from targeted lessons refining specific skills, be it parallel parking, highway driving, or navigating challenging intersections.

What’s the teaching approach at EZY 2 LEARN?

Our approach is a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, focusing on instilling confidence and competence. We emphasize not just passing tests but becoming adept, responsible drivers through comprehensive education and hands-on experience.

What sets EZY 2 LEARN instructors apart?

Our instructors aren’t just educators; they’re mentors offering a wealth of experience, patience, and guidance. They share insights and strategies for real-world driving, ensuring students grasp the nuances of safe, practical driving beyond just the basics.

How does EZY 2 LEARN prioritize convenience?

We understand busy schedules, and offering flexible time slots to accommodate learners. Our state-of-the-art vehicles equipped with cutting-edge safety features ensure a comfortable and secure learning environment.

What’s the lasting benefit of learning with EZY 2 LEARN?

Beyond obtaining a license, learning with us instills a lifelong skill set for safe and proficient driving. Graduates leave not just with a permit but with the confidence and expertise to navigate any road or situation safely and responsibly.