Our Current Offer/Packages
Adopting safe driving skills is an investment for a lifetime.All our driving lessons are fully structured planned means

1 HOUR LESSON is equal to
3 HOUR in your logbook.
10 HOURS LESSON with an accredited instructor is

We will set a plan to achieve maximum learning during your each driving lesson and we will provide you a progress report after each lesson.The aim of each lesson is to transfer responsibility to the students to enable independent driving,to pass driving test at First go and be safe driver for life long.Each learner is different,So we customise structure lesson plan catered for each individual needs.Our Instructor is very patient,clam, friendly and we provide each lesson in a stress-free environment to get good results. Our cost cost-effective driving packages provide true value for money and help you secure Your driving licence at First go after successful completion. Our lucrative introductory session starts from $55 , standard 1 hour session starts from $65 followed by affordable driving lesson package as well as driving test package.This help each learners compare the rates and figure out the reason behind our continuous success.

Driving Test Car Hire
Young Learners are always overwhelmed to pass driving test at the first attempt and ‘go solo’ on road. The assessment day is very crucial for them as they will get a chance to fulfill their dreams. However, if the car is not worthy to hit the road, you won’t be allowed to sit for the driving test. The cars we provide for driving test undergo regular inspections to ensure you face no hurdles or difficulty behind the wheels on the day of your assessment. Let’s make the testing officer feel comfortable when they are enter the Car. Moreover, our cars are fully insured to provide you with 5 star ANCAP safety Rating and peace of your mind.
Refresher Course
With the growing rate of car accidents, it has become indispensable to acquire and learn modern techniques and safe driving habits both for beginner as well as experienced drivers. Older drivers can enrol for refresher courses to tackle most driving situations. Our instructor is highly skilled to give good tips and make good habits to become safe driver for lifelong.A refresher course offered by Ezy 2 Learn Driving School can be of immense help in improving your driving habits, adapting to changing traffic rules and regulations, learning advanced driving techniques, overcoming fear of night driving and boosting confidence in handling accidents or collisions on Busy road.

Overseas Licence Conversion
For people who have secured their Permanent Residence and have been driving with their overseas licence, need to convert their overseas licence to Australian Drivers Licence. At Ezy 2 Learn Driving School, we are always on our toes to help you with fully customised packages whereby you can convert your overseas licence successfully at an affordable price. Whether you are driving in Australian roads lately or completely new to Australia, the knowledge and expertise of our professional driving instructor can help you to convert your Australian Driving Licence at first go and easily
What’s More?

Apart from the driving lessons packages mentioned above, we provide the following:

  • Overseas License Conversion
  • Driving Test Car Hire
  • Refresher Course
  • Special lesson for Nervous and anxious Drivers

Our motto is to make the most out of the time you can give us to make you a confident driver by the end of the lesson plan. So, we make our instructors available 7 days a week. This means you can opt for our lesson plans on weekends too. If you are a workaholic and stay immensely busy on the weekdays, you can easily opt for this weekend option and get going.

If someone tells you that it will take a long time to finish off your driving lesson, passing the driving test on the first go is indeed twisting the facts. The key to success is persistence. And to make sure you remain persistent towards your goal, even when you cannot give full time to the lesson. 

That is why we have customised the plans for every different learner driver coming to us for a flexible lesson plan. And, among those customised plans, weekend classes attract learners the most. Nothing can be more convenient for a working person when they want to do both works and learn driving. The best part is, we do not have any extra charges applicable for weekend classes only. So, you do not need to pay anything extra to us to enjoy the privilege. 

There are mainly four divisions of the driving licence the government permits till the learner driver becomes a fully licensed driver by the end. And each of these steps of licensing has different eligibility criteria. 

First comes the learner licence with an L plate.

  1. Minimum age - 16 years
  2. Must pass the 'Driver Knowledge Test' and Eyesight Test
  3. Submit identification details.

Next comes the P1 Licence.

And the eligibility criteria are -

  1. 12 months of having a learner licence.
  2. 120 hours of on-road driving
  3. Completion of hazard perception test
  4. Passing a driving test

Then comes the p2 Licence.

And the eligibility criteria are -

  1. Completion of 1 year after getting the P2 licence.
  2. The driver should not have crossed more than 7 demerit points.
  3. Kept themselves restricted to 100km/h speed limit at max.

Finally comes the full licence. To earn that full licence without any restriction, the driver needs to make sure they have driven for at least two years under a P2 licence. Once you get the full licence and that too without any restriction, the colour plate you will be getting will be coloured gold. So, by summing it all up, you will need at least 4 years to upgrade yourself from a learner driver to a fully licensed driver.

In Australia, the age requirement differs based on state territory. In the Australian Capital Territory, the minimum age requirement to apply for a driver license is 17 years. However, once getting the driver licence at this age, the driver will still be at probationary period restrictions for 3 years. However, teenagers of 15 years and 9 months of age can obtain the learner licence too.

In New South Wales, the minimum age requirement for sitting on the driver's seat is a minimum of 16 years. In the northern territory also, the age limit before you slip in the driver's seat is 16. The time limit for a learner licence is six months, and then the learner driver can apply for a provisional driving licence. Once the driver gets the provisional driving permit in the northern territory, they must wait for a minimum of two years before they get a full northern territory licence.

In Queensland, although the minimum age limit is 17 years for learner drivers, they can only apply for a provisional driving licence if they don't cross the age limit of 25 years. So, only a person of 25 years or less can be eligible for a P licence. On the other hand, in South Australia and Tasmania, the age limit is 16 years, in Victoria and Western Australia, it is 17 years.

Suppose you wish to have an overall view, moreover, a rule book about how everything works regarding getting a driving licence in Australia. In that case, you may visit the official government website meant for this purpose only. On that website, you will find a drone view of everything at once. Be it the eligibility criteria for every section of the licensing or the application procedure, licence renewal procedure, driving in Australia with an overseas licence, international driving permit and so on. 

Also, on this website, the government will get all the required information related to the government funded and aided Keys2Drive free lessons. As a learner driver, you may also learn about some important information regarding the road rules in different parts of Australia more explicitly before you get to learn these things from your driving instructor. 

As there are some minor alterations in the rules set by the territorial authorities in Australia, you may also get a heads up regarding the regional rules. For that, you will get individual websites coming from different states of Australia describing their licensing rules explicitly. You can get the information more vividly on these websites. For any further updates, rely on the driving school authorities or your instructors to give you details about the restrictions learner drivers often face to get the licence.

Here are a few necessary things that you need to bring to the driving lesson. 

  1. Your learner's licence.
  2. The logbook
  3. The information of time slot you have booked with the professional instructor.
  4. If you are wearing any prescription glasses, bring that too.
  5. Comfortable clothing so that your movement does not get affected. 
  6. If you have any road safety manual that you have gone through earlier before attending the lesson, you may bring that.
  7. You may keep your sunglasses and a bottle of water handy too. However, this is an optional item to bring.

Based on the laws set by the government, you are not allowed to drive or even have the driving lesson in case you are intoxicated with either alcohol or any other type of drug. So, make sure that you do not have any sort of drug in your system before coming to the driving lesson.

Especially if you are taking any sort of medication that can make you feel drowsy temporarily or impair your nerves for a while, you should reschedule your lesson.

We are in various suburbs of Australia to make sure all the learner drivers get comprehensive services from our best qualified professional instructors.

The areas include -

  1. Liverpool
  2. Bankstown
  3. St. George
  4. Campbelltown
  5. Inner West
  6. Canterbury
  7. Cabramatta
  8. Oran Park
  9. Gregory Hills
  10. Narellan
  11. Bonnyrigg
  12. Wetherill Park
  13. Silverwater
  14. Miranda
  15. Mascot
  16. Strathfield

The services we provide in all these locations include -

  1. Government-funded free Keys2Drive driving lesson.
  2. Keys2Drive Free Lesson + 1 Hour Lesson
  3. 1 Hour Introductory Lesson
  4. Standard 1 Hour Lesson
  5. Standard 2 Hours Lesson
  6. RMS Driving Test Package
  7. 5 Hours Package
  8. 6 Hours Package
  9. 10 Hours Package
  10. 20 Hours Package
  11. 4 Hours Defensive Driver Training
  12. P Ready Driving Test Assessment 2 Hours Lesson

In all our driving schools, we have appointed accredited and certified instructors only. We have included pick up and drop off services along with some of our packages to make it more convenient for you. Also, you can get the facility to avail of weekend classes in all those locations. The price we are charging you does not differ based on the location. 

Our motto is to ensure every learner driver coming to us ends up becoming a safe driver by the end of the lessons. So, our instructors operating in all those locations shape you up within an extraordinarily little time to ensure that you can pass the driving test on the first go.