Special Lesson for Nervous and Anxious Drivers

Our instructor is very patient, calm, and friendly. With a vast experience of many years under his belt, he has great skills dealing with nervous & anxious learners and drivers. He knows the right approach to calm their nerves and help them relax with simple and clear instructions while conducting the training.He doesn’t yell at the learners or dominates them, which makes the trainees feel at ease with him during the sessions. Learners, more so the first-timers, are prone to nervousness – always, and it is this nervousness that often stops them from cracking the driving test at one go. Our instructor would not only provide them a comprehensive training about the driving skills, but also the technicalities associated as well as the latest traffic rules. Above all, he would teach them how to control their nerves and stay calm at wheels during the test and beyond. All these collectively impart a sense of self-confidence in them, thereby making them calm and composed that helps them to crack the test at one go. Moreover, it makes them not only a skilled bloke at the wheel but a confident and professional one as well.

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It is undoubtedly the most common question that we get. Well, there is no certainty of the number, though. It is your hard work, patience, concentration, and discipline that make you a good driver. Along with that, you need the persistence of learning about minor details of road safety. Some learner drivers catch up extremely fast initially but often get slower in the next few lessons. The opposite thing happens to some of the slow drivers but remains steady until the end of the lesson plan.

Your focus is not limited to becoming a skilled driver only, but you certainly want to get the P plate by passing the driving test on the first attempt. 

Please do not listen to those who may discourage you from saying that nobody can pass the test on their first attempt. The reality is quite the opposite of it. According to the rules of the Australian government, you must complete the lesson cycle of 120 hours, including 20 hours of night-time driving to appear for the driving test. So, that is the minimum timeline to be registered in your logbook. However, it may take more time or less time. So, allow yourself to learn to drive according to your own pace.

Firstly, accept that being nervous with the thought of going to drive for the first time is quite common and perfectly okay. However, also make yourself believe that you can overcome this nervousness, anxiety, and fear of failure as soon as you sit in the driver's seat. The driving school you are going to choose is your key to success. The driving instructors will be your guiding angel for giving you hardcore driving lessons and boosting your confidence level throughout the course. 

The driving instructors of reputed driving schools are known to be patient and calm. Once you start attending your driving lessons for 1 hour or 2 hours, you will get over the nervousness by rectifying each of the mistakes on your own. 

We have learner drivers coming to us from different parts of the state quite nervous and anxiety-driven for the first few days. Surprisingly, almost all of them passed the driving test on the first go. So, calming your nerves and believing in yourself is important to get over the fear of failure at first. For the rest, the instructor will hold your hand till the end. 

Of course, they will. Professional accredited driving instructors working with the reputed driving schools are friendly, calm and patient. They are equipped with the experience of dealing with a huge number of learner drivers by far. And thus, they know exactly how to deal with their nervousness and anxiety issues.

They ask you to follow simple and clear instructions from the beginning that helps the learners relax their nerves a little. There is no domination involved. The right instructors know that scolding or dominating the learners for their mistakes will only make them more nervous. So, they handle it with care. 

The instructors' job is to provide you with training to develop driving skills, but they bring in much more confidence in your mind by making you learn the technicalities involved in safe driving. And they also let you know some effective tips and tricks of driving that further help you to grow as a confident driver from a nervous learner.

You must keep your cool at the time of the driving test. Because remaining composed and super confident about your actions during the driving test can only help you get through it without any hassle. And the training for that begins from day one.