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To prepare for your driving test, enrolling in a Lake Macquarie driving school is an excellent idea. Our Lake Macquarie driving school is owned and operated by native Australians, as is the entire team. We are a driving school with complete accreditation. All of our EZY 2 Learndriver trainers are internationally recognized and have received substantial training and certification.

Reason of choosing us

We go to great pains to understand each student’s goals and objectives in order to satisfy their expectations and provide driving lessons that are specifically customized to their needs. We can tailor our courses to your needs if you believe that a certain aspect of driving requires more in-depth education due to its complexity. Our first priority is achieving your goal, and we won’t stop at nothing to make sure it happens. All of our driving courses and classes have a perfect balance of theory and practice; they are complementary to one another.

We provide late-model automobiles that are dual-controlled, manual, and automatic to best meet your needs. We can guarantee that all of our automobiles stay in excellent condition with routine maintenance. Our automobiles’ small size makes them more nimble and agile. This will be very useful to new drivers, especially when it comes to parking.

The EZY 2 LearnServing the Macquarie Fields neighborhood and its environs, Macquarie Fields Driving School is a driving school. Macquarie Fields is home to some of the top driving instructors. Hire one of these tutors if you want to pass your driving test. They are intimately familiar with the region and the test route. Gregory Hill and Bankstown are the two RMS locations closest to you, if you’re still unsure about where to schedule your driving test. Additionally, clicking this link will direct you to their website so you can search there.

Students ranging from those just receiving their license to those moving up from the Learner to the P plate level can take driving lessons. They can also assist those with foreign licenses in learning about Australian driving laws and converting to an Australian license. For any reason, if you are interested in receiving driving training, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our EZY 2 Learnteachers are all RMS-accredited, so even though you just spend an hour learning to drive with us, they will sign your logbook for a full three hours.

With the kind support of the federal government, we can provide you with a free driving instruction. Additionally, we offer a driving school that helps improve your driving skills. Please check out our website for further details.

What Makes Us Unique?

All classes are delivered in a contemporary, secure dual-controlled vehicle, and the Service Area provides convenient pick-up and drop-off spots. Not only do we have more than 350 five-star Google reviews, but every single one of our students has awarded our hardworking teachers five stars. We take great pride in offering only the greatest instruction from each and every one of our driving instructors. EZY 2 LearnDriving School can assist you no matter where you are in your quest to become a safe driver—whether you are just starting classes, preparing for an exam, or simply reviewing your skills.