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11 Advantages of Booking Driving Lessons Online

“What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”—this line by W.H. Davies aptly sums up the life of the urban population across the world. Hence you cannot always do what you want in the limited twenty-four hours of a day. The busy 9-5 work-life leaves us exhausted and we cannot always accomplish everything as a business in Burwood and other places in Australia close by 5:30 PM. Hence, if a service or product is not available online after the close of business, it can be quite a disservice to the customers. Hence nowadays quite a few services are being offered online. Driving lessons in Burwood are being offered online.

Another reason for driving lessons being offered online since 2020 is the COVID-19 pandemic situation across the world. Due to lockdown and maintaining of social distancing norms, physical driving lessons cannot be conducted now. Hence, many driving schools are conducting online driving lessons in Burwood. In fact, booking online driving lessons is a much better idea and can be quite beneficial. From customer safety to increased accessibility and flexibility, there can be several benefits of taking online driving lessons.

Benefits of online driving lessons

Here are a few advantages of online driving lessons:

  1. You can book your lesson at any time of day: With most businesses working from 9 am to 5 pm, it becomes difficult to book an appointment for driving lessons in Burwood. Also, usually, instructors are busy all day and do not find time to return calls. Online service allows you to book an appointment from anywhere and at any time of the day. Especially if you are occupied throughout the day and cannot find a suitable schedule, then the best option is to book an online service.
  2. You can research the instructor and make an informed decision: Usually, when you book a driving lesson, you are assigned a driver from the pool of driving instructors in the driving school based on their availability. You are not given a choice to select your own instructor. A good driving school gives you a chance to view the profiles of the available driving instructors and make an informed decision. You have visibility to the driver’s availability, years of training experience, qualifications, and accreditations.
  3. Flexibility in selecting a driving instructor: Usually in the traditional format of driving lessons in Burwood you are assigned a driver and you are stuck with that driver for the entire duration of the driving lesson. But in the case of online lessons, you have the flexibility to change your driver after the first lesson if you are not satisfied with the experience or if there is a change of location.
  4. No waiting time: Booking a driving instructor through a call can be quite frustrating. The instructor may not be available to answer your call, may not return the call also. Sometimes the instructor may call you back at odd hours when they are done with their classes. Booking an online lesson saves you from all these inconveniences.
  5. Get to know the availability of the instructor: Traditional driving lessons in Burwood try to fit you into a schedule that is suitable for the instructor and as a result many lessons may get rescheduled by you and you end up not taking the class. A modern online driving lesson will give you visibility into the driver’s available slots and as a customer, you will have complete control to select your slot.
  6. Get to know the client testimonial and reviews of the instructor: Unlike traditional driving lessons, in online driving lessons, you will be able to see the rating, review, and testimonial that the instructor has received from other learners. This can help you make an informed choice.
  7. Know about the vehicle in which you will do your practical classes: Driving can be an exciting experience, but you have to remember that you are handling a very complex machine with inherent risks. There are different vehicles with different specifications. It is always best to know from before the model of car that you are comfortable with and choose an instructor based on the model they drive. This will help you in the future to buy a car that you are comfortable in.
  8. Quicker response time: If you are booking a deriving lesson over the phone, it can be quite time-consuming with you being able to get through to the instructor, discussing their availability, and then booking a slot. All this can be done in a few minutes when you book a class online. With zero waiting time, online driving lessons can be quite customer-friendly.
  9. The flexibility of location: For traditional driving lessons, you need to avail the lesson from the location where you purchase it from. This can limit your options; it can also disrupt your lesson if you suddenly have to shift to another location. However, if you book a class online you have no location constraint and in case you miss a class, you can easily redeem it at a later date.
  10. No scope for confusion or misunderstanding: Sometimes with booking driving lessons in Burwood over the phone, it can be quite frustrating if you have noted the wrong number or if you end up talking to the wrong instructor. But booking your lesson online means you have full control over the data, and you can choose a time slot, a location, and an instructor of your choice.
  11. Easy access to supporting documents: Along with all the other facilities, a major advantage of online lessons is access to supporting documents. A good driving school will give you access to an online library or a website from where you can read up on all the resources necessary to clear the driving test.

Because of these myriad advantages, online driving lessons are gaining popularity in Burwood and other places in Australia. If you have not yet booked your online driving lesson with EASY 2 LEARN Driving School, do so now! Contact us on 0405 477 217 or write to us at Our trained and knowledgeable instructors will train and guide you to pass your exams in the first attempt itself! We are open daily from 7 am – 8 pm.

Reasons To Book a Driving Lesson

Are you planning to learn to drive? Are you looking for reasons to book driving lessons? Well, there are numerous reasons for the same. While there are several learners for driving, not many feel the need for a driving lesson. To pass the driving test, one needs to have the best driving abilities. There is a lot to remember when you are up to passing a driving test. It’s not easy to pass a driving test given the stress that one experiences. In addition to this, you may have several problems before you on the day of the driving test. If you are looking for reasons why you need to consider booking the driving lessons, here are a few reasons.

You might fail the test

The foremost reason why you need to book a driving lesson is that you may fail the test. Although there are many learner drivers, barely a few pass the driving test because of their limited knowledge. Many people might not be aware of this, but the driving test is much harder than what knowledge they have while preparing for the test. Now, you need to pass this test to obtain your driving license. When you pass the test, you are already sure that you have better knowledge of the traffic rules than the rest of the drivers. This is one of the significant reasons to book driving lessons and learn driving the right way.

Pick up and drop off

If you are one of those people who borrow the car from your friends or neighbours to practice driving, you surely need them to accompany you on the day of the driving test. However, the situation is completely different when you opt for a driving instructor who would not only pick you up from your residential address for the driving lessons but also drop you off at the same address. Your driving instructor will take you to a dedicated licensing centre where the testing officer will take your driving test.

Professional instructors

Every driving instructor needs to pass a test before he or she is entrusted with the job of driving instructor. If you plan to book driving lessons, know that the driving instructor test is tougher than the test for a learner’s license. Not only this, but the driving instructor also has to pass another test. When the driving instructor passes both these tests, he or she is eligible to enrol himself or herself as the instructor. If you seek a good driving instructor, you must always ensure that he or she is an approved & qualified instructor who is the right choice for a driver’s course.

On-time driving tests

The most common mistake that people make is they tend to overlook a few issues in the car that they might be taking for the driving test. This may delay your driving test schedule as you need to take your car to the mechanic for those specific issues. The laws and standards of road safety are ever-changing and becoming increasingly strict with each passing day. To avoid these instances of delays in the driving test, you need to book your driving instructor who will take care of all the needs of the car. They ought to maintain the cars in the best condition and keep their knowledge up to date. When you make informed decisions, you will have a smooth kickstart to the test and prevent delays in the test.

Hard driving tests

While you may think of passing the driving test under the supervision of that uncle of yours who passed the test years ago, re-think upon this as rules change with time. If you book driving lessons, you know your instructor will make you aware of the changing road rules and you will be prepared to pass the test that is getting harder. The improvements in the driving test make it hard and it becomes difficult for you to survive the things that test you & your knowledge. Even a single bad response during the driving test can contribute to your failure in the test. So, when you approach a driving school for driving lessons, you are all set to pass the test in one go.

The comfort level

You cannot deny the fact that you will perform your best when you are within your comfort level. If you are thinking about how your comfort level and your driving tests are related, let us tell you the relation between the two. Your driving test day is your last driving session as a learning driver. When you book driving lessons and have your car ready for the test day, you are within your comfort level. During your learning process, that car has played a significant role, and using the same for tests will only reap rich benefits.

When you get accustomed to the car that you used during your driving lessons, you will be more comfortable. You took professional driving lessons in that car and it will be easy for you to comprehend the same. Most of the learner drivers find it quite easy to do things and perform difficult turns when they use the same car for a test that they used while learning driving. You will have a sense of something more than a driving lesson and a psychological edge while you are performing the driving test. When you use the same car for a test that you used for mastering your driving skills, you know you are going to pass the test.


Although there are a plethora of reasons for booking your driving lesson under a knowledgeable and skilled instructor, passing the driving test in one go tops the list. However, your choice plays a key role, and you will regret it if you make the wrong decision. You need to invest time in doing the research and checking out the various driving packages available. Choose an instructor who will guide you well and ensure that you pass the test for the first time with confidence.

Plan a visit to EASY 2 LEARN Driving School to get the best instructors at 11 Freitas Road, Edmondson Park, NSW 2174, for the best driving lessons, practice and test preparation. You can also contact us on 0405 477 217, and our customer-friendly team will guide you with the perfect driving package deals for you as per your requirement.

Advantages Of Using A Driving School

Driving is one of those important skills that everyone should learn. And the best way to learn to drive properly is to enrol in a good driving school where you can get the best training to grow as a safe driver. Although you can learn driving from anyone, the quality education that professional driving instructors can offer you is unmatchable. Besides, you can also learn about road safety laws, traffic laws, and traffic signs by enrolling in driving schools.

Irrespective of your age, getting behind the wheels as a new driver can be nerve-wracking. But you can avoid this experience by joining a good driving training school. A driving training institute will not only help you in your journey behind the wheel, but it will also help you by teaching safe driving skills for the lifetime and passing the DMV administered road skilled exams successfully.

  1. Joining a good driving school helps you to increase the level of confidence behind the wheel: Every driver needs to maintain confidence on the road. If you make erratic choices, hesitate, or freeze up by lacking confidence, then this can result in accidents. But driving training helps you to be confident in every situation. In this training, you will learn the necessary actions to take in case of emergencies when driving like a car breakdown. The majority of first-time vehicle owners don’t know how to maintain their vehicles properly. So, the driving schools teach the vehicle owners the things like:
    • How often you should change the oil
    • How to find out if the engine has issues
    • Things to check in your car before you take it out on the road

    Often failed driving tests are caused by simple technicality issues or mistakes that can add up quickly. But spending several hours with professional instructors can help you to solve all these issues while offering you a fresh license within a short period.

  2. Joining a good driving school is a worthy investment: Learning to ride a bike is completely different from learning to drive a vehicle as the latter is a more complex machine. You can learn to ride bikes on your own, but you need thorough guidance when you learn to drive a car. To be more specific, you can learn the basics of driving a car through a structured and systematic method offered in the driving school. So, every lesson you learn in the driving school is a great investment, which saves you from all the stress and wastage of time in the long run. The professional driving training institutes use a curriculum that covers both practical and theoretical driving situations. This is very important in making you understand all the basics of driving a car safely and prepare for the driving test. So, investing a small amount in driving training can save you from all the stress and anxiety of appearing for the driving test many times.
  3. By joining a professional driving training school, you can learn driving from experts: Learning to drive is your personal choice always. And engaging a professional in this matter is a smart investment that can help you later in your independence and safety. After all, professional driving training helps you to get more education than just starting and manoeuvring the car. In case you are already aware of some techniques of driving, then the instructor will help you to be a better driver while learning the latest driving techniques and identifying and getting rid of all the weaknesses. Besides, driving training offered by expert driving instructors can help you to gain the confidence to get behind the wheel and operate the car.
  4. You can learn about defensive driving training by joining a driving school: Once you get the driving license, nothing can be more frustrating than immediately getting involved in an accident. Remember that only the professional instructors from a reputable driving school in Ingleburn can teach you defensive driving techniques that reduce the chance of meeting accidents. When you join a driving school, the driving instructors look after your unique requirements and teach you the driving lessons in a way that suits you perfectly without violating the traffic laws. Besides, these institutes also teach you about road awareness that helps you to recognize all the situations, which can cause accidents and things to do before accidents happen.
  5. You can have a better driving record by joining a driving school: By attending a driving school, you can learn the proper education and skills to gain a better driving habit to be a great driver. Apart from developing the right driving habits, completing the driving lessons would lead to lower your vehicle insurance premiums. So, by joining a professional driving training program, you can grow a clean driving record with a low insurance rate as the outcome. Apart from that, these institutes can also help you with the driving license application.


So, joining a driving school is a great way to achieve a driving license easily while being aware of the best knowledge and foundation skills on the road rules. There are numerous benefits to learning from the professional instructors that put the proper driving training institutes above other learning methods while getting behind the wheels.

When you want to join a good driving school in Ingleburn to learn driving and take the driver’s license test, contact Ezy 2 Learn Driving School on 0405 477 217 or email us at Our institute will help you to learn basic and advanced driving skills along with a driver’s license. Visit our website to get the best deals and packages for your driving lessons.

Why a Driving Instructor is Super Effective in making you a Safe and Skilled Driver?

Learning is a job that cannot be done alone. In fact, it is considered to be more fruitful and effective if the knowledge is shared, if the things are explained lucidly and if someone is there to point out the mistakes. Driving, like any other academic course, is a learning process. For first-time learners, it would be completely blank. From the driving perspective, a person from the first day of learning till he/she has successfully completed the driving test would need to learn several things. This will be possible if the right driving instructor is there.

There are several aspects of driving and mastering each of them is important to ensure safe driving. Getting one of the best driving instructors near you would mean that you are going to get the lessons on the best practices. An instructor is a teacher and like a teacher, he/she is surely going to make you one of the best, the safest, and the most skilled drivers.

An Influence of a Great Driving Instructor can’t Be Erased

We all have a special affinity towards driving and the experience of driving while being in the driver seat is overwhelming. This feeling comes only when you are confident in your skills. A great driving instructor makes the learning sessions a breeze and hence, no matter which vehicle you drive, you would feel confident on any type of vehicle.
If you think that you would be hiring one of the best driving instructors near you, then go for it and reap the positive benefits of it. The following are some of the positive impacts put down by the instructor that cannot be erased for a lifetime—

  • Boost of confidence
  • Detailed learning on the given topic
  • Doubt clearing in case of any confusion
  • Small tricks and tips on saving lives

The above-mentioned are some of the different ways by which a professional driving instructor has a positive psychological influence on the learner during the entire training session.

Driving Instructor’s Role in Making a Good Driver

A driving instructor is similar to that of a teacher. He/she will hold your hand firmly till the time you have understood the basics of driving. Also, the professional is also going to make sure that you have successfully grasped the elements that would help make your driving safe. Hiring one of the best driving instructors near you would ascertain the following benefits—

  • A Safer Journey for All
  • Most of the accidents that take place across the globe is because of the reckless driving of the other person. Professional learning or coaching makes the possibility of accidents occurring absolutely less. At these driving schools, the teachers inculcate the best driving practices in the learner by pointing out and eliminating unwanted driving habits. The following are some of the ways by which a trainer introduces a learner to acceptable driving practices—

    • By pinpointing the crucial moments like poor weather conditions, fault in the vehicles, keeping the right temperament both in heavy and light traffic
    • By listing down the bad driving behaviours like drink and drive, sleep deprivation, using mobile while driving and many more and telling the hazards associated with these bad habits
    • The learners get the experts’ tips on driving only when comfortable, realising the moment when fatigue starts creeping in and the importance of taking care of oneself while on a long drive.

  • An Understanding of the Road Traffic and Various Signals
  • It is very vital for a driver to be well-acquainted with the traffic rules, signals, and symbols. These elements stand important for the safety of everyone on the road. The best driving instructors near you will always make sure that a learner knows all the traffic signals and symbols before hitting the main road. This part of the lesson teaches a learner the following few basic but key things needed while driving and on road—

    • Maintaining safe distance while driving
    • Ensuring proper parking with vehicle gap and at proper place
    • The importance of barricades, highway symbols, roadside signs, and traffic rules
    • Understanding the road pattern and being cautious at branch roads, city roads, and other congested roads

    This aspect stands important for a safe driving road for all.

  • A Brief Knowledge on ‘Roads for All’
  • Irrespective of the size and the type of vehicle you would drive, a good driving instructor would always teach that respect to the other vehicles as well. This phase would include all the elements that improve the mobility for all by—

    • Eliminating unnecessary honking,
    • Driving in the wrong lane,
    • Lane changing and good practices
    • Duties and responsibilities associated with expressway and highway driving
    • Pedestrian walking

    The above-mentioned are some of the things that a learner learns from the trainer.

  • A ‘Calm Down’ Therapy for the Anxious & Nervous Learners
  • Not everyone has the same courage. Some people wish to drive but cannot because of nervousness, anxiety, and fear. If you are one of them then hiring the best instructor from the driving school is going to help you learn how to drive very easily and smoothly. You would find that all the best driving instructors near you will possess the same traits- friendly, calm, and very patient. These attributes are very important and if you want to drive long ascertaining safety, then you would need to have these characteristics.

    An expert instructor would take the pain and make you understand the importance of these traits. Such professionals, during the training sessions, would not only opt for the right approach to calm their nerves but also the methodologies useful in delivering the instructions in a simple and clear manner. They will tell that nervousness is obvious for the first-time learner but will also teach the ways by which one can boost self-confidence.


No matter what you are learning, a teacher is always a blessing. Therefore, one should not only hire the best instructors but also ensure that he/she grasps the knowledge in a better and more detailed way. Driving is a skill, and one needs to hone by sticking to the basics and practising more on them.

Get in touch with EZY 2 LEARN Driving School experts to help you make a safe and skilled driver. Call us on 0405 477 217 or email us at to get professional and reliable driving practice in an affordable package.

What to consider when choosing an affordable driving school?

Are you looking for an affordable driving school in Harrington Park? In that case, you must consider if the school in question is providing you with the proper value for the money that you are investing in it. The problem with such choices is that people end up looking for options where they can save the maximum amount of money rather than focusing on the aspect of value. You should remember that with every driving school that offers cheap – rather than affordable – driving lessons there is always a good chance that they may be taking shortcuts with the services that they provide and the way that they do so.

How does this happen?

For example, a low-priced driving school may not offer you certain services that a better driving school in Harrington Park would do for you. A reputable driving school would offer you amenities such as a modern car or features such as dual control pedals, to name a few. You need to make sure that the driving instructor teaching you has the requisite experience to be imparting such critical education. Are they committed to helping you be the best driver that you can be? Find out if they are part-time driving instructors or not and stay away from such operators.
This is because they work in several jobs and thus, they are not passionate about teaching you how to drive.

Does it offer you Keys2Drive?

This is something that you would only get at the best driving school in Harrington Park. Keys2Drive is a programme of the national government of Australia that provides learner drivers access to driving lessons without having to pay a single dollar for the same. The programme has been designed in such a way that a learner driver like you can find their way. This means that you can find a style of learning that works the best for you. These are not conventional driving lessons per se.

In such lessons you usually need a supervising instructor from your driving school in Harrington Park to be with you while you are learning. Your parents are also allowed to accompany you during such classes. However, the value of the advantage that such a programme offers cannot be discounted at all. It helps you become the safest driver that you can be. It sets you up for the future. The programme teaches you how you can learn properly. It is an effective programme for sure!

How flexible is the schedule?

The one thing about life is that it cannot be predicted. This means that there is always a good chance that you could miss a class or two at your driving school in Harrington Park. This also implies that you may have to shuffle around the class on a few occasions. If your driving school is a good one it would accept this. It would give you and your time the respect you deserve. These schools treat their students just like the driving instructors they have employed – with total respect.

In some driving schools, they would make it mandatory for you to attend classes only at a certain time. In other cases, they would charge you extra money for rescheduling your booking. In some cases, they may also reschedule your booking at such a time that it is akin to punishment for you. This is something that a good driving school in Harrington Park would never do. It would have no issues rescheduling provided you offer them a notice well in advance. It would reschedule the class at a time when it suits you and not charge you any extra money for the same.

Does it charge you for cancellations?

There would always be times when you are not even able to make it a driving class even after you have rescheduled it. In such a case you may have to cancel it altogether. In that case, the school may charge you for such cancellation, which a good driving school in Harrington Park would never do. After all, you should not be charged for a service that you did not avail of. If the school is a good one it would not charge you for cancellations provided you offer a reasonable explanation for the cancellation.

The length of the lessons

These driving lessons could be anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours long. A good driving school in Harrington Park would know how to maintain the ideal balance in this case. If the lesson is too short it may not suffice for you because you would not get the time you need to learn anything substantial. Similarly, if the lesson is too long it may be hard for you to bear with. Such long driving lessons could tire you out and that can be bad for your development as a driver.

How many satisfied students does it have?

This is one area where a good driving school in Harrington Park would give you no cause for complaint. It is in fact one of the most obvious criteria when it comes to choosing such institutions. How good are the reviews of the school? How satisfied have its students been? Are people complaining about it on social media and the internet? Are they actively bad-mouthing it? The answers to all these questions determine the quality of work being done by the driving schools and the driving instructors working for it.

Does it let you book online?

TThis is a sign that the driving school has kept pace with the times, which is so necessary for any line of work. It is always great when you can book these services online. This is because with such a facility you would be able to book, pay, and manage your driving lessons at any time and place that is convenient for you. So, if you want to learn from a driving school in Harrington Park that satisfies all these criteria, please feel free to head to EZY 2 LEARN Driving School.

This is a sign that the driving school has kept pace with the times, which is so necessary for any line of work. It is always great when you can book these services online. This is because with such a facility you would be able to book, pay, and manage your driving lessons at any time and place that is convenient for you. So, if you want to learn from a driving school in Harrington Park that satisfies all these criteria, please feel free to head to EZY 2 LEARN Driving School.

Contact EZY 2 LEARN Driving School on 0405 477 217 or write to us at to enquire about our services offered. Our highly competitive driving packages will ensure you find your ideal driving package and the best driver training.

Driving Learners Tips to Follow for Preventing Yourself from Over-speeding

Driving for many is a great way to pass the time, release stress, and relax oneself. It can be an exhilarating experience. It can be both exciting and daunting. Especially if you are new to driving, then it can be challenging to enjoy the experience and keep in mind that you need to keep yourself safe on the road. Without formal learners driving lessons, you will not be able to get your driving license, and, without a license, you will not be able to take your vehicle on the road. Hence driving lessons are essential.

Once you enrol yourself in a driving class, you will be given practical training by a skilled trainer. But this training is never enough. After completing the course, you will have to practice driving to get mastery over it. It is during these practice sessions that early learners tend to lose control and end up over-speeding. Over-speeding can be extremely dangerous both for the driver and the pedestrians on the road. If you are not careful, then it can also turn fatal. If you hit someone on the road due to over-speeding, you can end up in prison with a murder charge. So, maintaining the speed limit is especially important.

There are several reasons why you would want to go over speed. Maybe you are in a hurry; you are running late for a doctor’s appointment or an important meeting; sometimes, drivers see themselves as anonymous beings and become reckless. Also, if there is a traffic jam, you tend to increase the speed and move out when the jam clears. However, if you are enrolled in learners driving lessons and you over-speed, then it is possible that you have lost control, and it was not intentional.

Dangers of over-speeding

Are you taking the learners driving lessons? Then you must know what the consequences of over-speeding can be. The below points are not to scare you, but to keep you aware and alert:

  1. When you exceed the speed, you get less time in hand to notice a safety hazard and accordingly react to it.
  2. When you over-speed, there is more fuel consumption, reducing the overall miles per litre of your fuel.
  3. When you over speed, car safety equipment like airbags becomes less effective.
  4. If there is a car crash, the chances of heavy injury and even death are higher.
  5. Also, in case of any collision, the damage done to the vehicle is much more and often irreparable.

Tips to prevent over-speeding

The consequences of over-speeding are grave. Following the below steps can prevent any learner from over-speeding:

  • Familiarise yourself with the car:
  • The first and foremost tip to keep in mind when your start driving is to acquaint yourself with your vehicle. Before you start driving, understand the functions of the various buttons and knobs of the car. Remember the foot controls: brake, accelerator, and clutch.

  • Accelerate slowly:
  • When you start driving, it is natural to press the accelerator hard when the signal turns green. This can lead to over speeding, and you may end up hitting someone. Hence it is judicious to exercise self-control. It is seen that engines perform better when they are at ease. Go for a slow roll and slowly increase the pressure on the gas pedal.

  • Brake gently:
  • It is common among learners taking driving lessons to press the brake hard if something comes in front of the vehicle. But just like the accelerator, it is essential to go slow with the brake. One of the most critical lessons for first-time learners is to know when to stop the car. If you see a stop sign or the traffic light turns yellow, start applying the brake gently until the car rolls to a stop.

  • Stay within acceptable limits:
  • Once you start to gain confidence, it is an instinct to increase the car’s speed beyond the safe limit. However, staying within the acceptable speed limit is essential from a legal aspect and necessary for your safety.

  • Maintain a safe distance:
  • It is advisable to maintain adequate space between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Especially for first-time drivers, it is vital to maintain a cushioned distance as their reaction time is inherently slower. Keeping in mind the ”two-second rule will prevent you from hitting the car in front of you.

  • Choose your lane carefully:
  • Acquaint yourself with the purpose of each lane and give yourself adequate time for changing lanes or making turns. If you know there is a turn ahead, start moving toward that lane well in time to avoid cutting off another driver.

  • Know the road signs:
  • For all the learners taking driving lessons, it is essential to understand the road signs, pavement markings, and safety signals. It is crucial never to miss a safety sign as they are posted for your safety.

  • Communicate effectively:
  • You must communicate well with the other drivers on the road. Indicators and blinkers are an essential part of safe driving. Use them judiciously while taking turns or changing lanes. Use the horn sparingly as a warning signal.

In the initial days of learning to drive, it can be quite intimidating. But once you gain confidence, you start enjoying the experience as driving gives you a sense of freedom. For all early learners, apart from the tips on over-speeding, there are other safety points that you must keep in mind. Always wear your seat belt when you get into your car. Also, it would be best if you made yourself comfortable while driving. Hence find the correct seating ergonomics—adjust your seat in a manner that gives you complete control. If you are planning to learn driving, make sure you visit for the best guidance.

Get in touch with experts from EASY 2 LEARN Driving School for the best learning experience and cracking your driver’s license in the first attempt itself. Call us on 0405 477 217 or write to us at for any queries and doubts. We guarantee quality training, learners driving lessons and passing your test on the first try; enrol for our course today!

What Will I Learn During My Driving Lesson in Harrington Park?

Have you planned to learn to drive sometime soon? Have you enrolled yourself in a driving school in Harrington Park? Well, there might be a lot of things running in your mind now. While you might be excited to learn something, you have been interested in for so long, you might be equally anxious & nervous about the same. This is natural, and people often go through this phase with mixed feelings. However, it might be a good idea if you know what to expect from your driving lesson and how it will be for you to put an end to your nerve-wracking thoughts.

This blog will focus on and address the know-hows of a driving lesson. Without much ado, continue reading this blog to gain some knowledge about your driving lessons.

  • Initiation from the passenger seat
  • The foremost thing you will learn in a driving lesson at any driving school in Harrington Park is sitting quietly in the passenger seat. Your lessons will start from being in the passenger seat and allowing your instructor to take you to a silent place to avoid barriers. Your instructor will pick you up from your place or residential area and drive through the road to an open space where you could easily learn to drive. Your instructor might ask you to observe a little while you stay back in the passenger seat.

  • Grab the basics
  • To help your driving lesson fly by without a hitch, your instructor will introduce you to the basics before getting out on the roads. You may expect a cockpit drill that will enlighten your knowledge regarding the role of the various parts present around the driver’s seat of the car. You need not worry much about the basics as your instructor will plan the lessons for you and come prepared to teach you the A to Z of driving. While you learn the basics, you must focus on what your instructor is telling and listen to their instructions carefully to have a better learning experience.

  • A whole lot of sneak-peek
  • While your instructor of driving school in Harrington Park teaches you the car’s controls and introduces you to the car’s instruments, they will also help you practice looking in the mirror. Now, this is an essential part of your learning process. If you don’t have the habit of looking in the mirror and observing the vehicles at the rear, you still have scope to learn a lot. Your instructor will help you realize the importance of a mirror and why you must strictly enforce the habit of looking into the mirror every now & then. As you go through your driving lessons each day, you will be looking a lot in the mirror to check if any vehicles are coming from behind.

  • Safety first
  • Your instructor will also explain to you the safety procedures while you learn to drive. Also referred to as the cockpit drill, it will also comprise explanations from your instructor regarding adjusting various parts of the car that help you drive safely. You need not worry about this, as your instructor will make sure this is a slow process to have enough time to learn. Meanwhile, if you are unsure about anything or do not get any of the procedures, you must ask the same to your instructor & they will gladly repeat the same for you.

  • On the rolls
  • Now that you are versed with the safety procedures & basics of driving, it is time to take your seat and let the wheels roll. Your instructor from a driving school in Harrington Park will ensure that you do not face traffic or worry about the cars. In addition to this, your instructor will make sure that you are well-versed with the basic maneuvers and the important techniques for a safe drive. While you have grasped these techniques, you know that you will drive great & safe for as long as you have the steering in your hands.

The ABC of driving

When you are in the driver’s seat, the next step is to know the ABC of driving or the car controls. It is easy to remember where A is Accelerator, B is Break, and C is clutch. Your instructor will now explain the uses of these pedals and the sequence of using them while you drive. When you learn the ABC, the next thing to learn will be the gear stick supplemented with a handbrake. With all this theoretical knowledge, you will have the chance to gain hands-on experience. You can start driving and learn how to switch between the pedals and move the car ahead. Slowly and steadily, you will get into the practice of driving while paying attention to the blind spots and mirror. Apart from this, you will know when you need to signal the indicators for the vehicles coming behind.

Seat switch to avoid the glitch

The process of driving is not only about listening to your instructor and driving. It also involves polishing your observation skills to pay heed to the actions that your instructor performs. The instructors from a driving school in Harrington Park might ask you to switch sides with them. While they ask you to switch, you must carefully observe what they are trying to tell and what their actions indicate. Your instructor might show you the hold of the steering or how you need to ease the brakes. When you have all the knowledge, and your instructor is there to provide you with the real-life demo, you know that you are learning the correct way and will be a good driver.


Get in touch with EASY 2 LEARN Driving School at 0405 477 217 and enroll yourself in the driving lessons for confident and safe driving.

How Helpful Are Driving Lessons?

Learning to drive effectively is a daunting job, but at the same time, it is a vital one. A huge responsibility comes with this job. After all, driving is not just about you, but it is also about the safety of other people driving on the road. So, having a driving license is not enough to start driving on the road. It is necessary to clear the traffic signs test as well. Therefore, it is vital to have professional driving lessons to only get at the driving schools.

Joining the best driving school is essential as you can go beyond learning just the controls of the vehicles effortlessly. When you drive a car for the first time, it becomes necessary to be comfortable behind the wheel to drive safely. Good driving training helps you in it. Besides, here you can also learn the responsibilities of a good driver and respect other drivers’ rights.

Even though you cannot stop accidents from happening, with the right driving lesson and road safety education, you can reduce the chance of causing or getting involved in accidents. The well-trained drivers can make the roads safe for everyone. Apart from that, an updated knowledge in road safety can help prevent the dangers on the road and save the liabilities and damages. Moreover, thoroughly educating the teenagers about proper traffic rules, safety, and road rules is essential to ensure they grow as responsible drivers.

So, in this blog, we will talk about efficient driving lessons and why everyone should join the driving training institute.

1. Well-trained drivers are less likely to cause accidents: In the best driving schools, the drivers are taught the best driving practices, which help them eliminate bad driving habits while on the road. This way, driving training helps to reduce the risks of driving in many ways.

  • When driving on the road, you can encounter anything like a faulty vehicle, irresponsible drivers, heavy traffic, poor weather conditions, etc., which can be risky. But with the right driving training, you can be aware of these risks and factors and react accordingly.
  • With the proper driving training, you can eliminate all your lousy driving behaviors like operating mobiles when driving, not wearing seat belts, not following the road signs and signals, drunk driving, etc.
  • Good driving training also offers you tips on how to drive comfortably, even on a long route. This includes essential information and recommendations for reducing fatigue and the importance of taking care of your health while driving for a long time.

2. Driving training improves fleet integrity: If fleet management is one of your business’s central parts, you will need trained drivers who can operate the fleet vehicles safely from one place to another. The trained drivers will also help you keep your vehicles in prime conditions before and after hitting the road.

Getting taught by the best driving school experts can train your drivers on how to maintain the cars properly apart from preventing accidents on the road. As the well-trained drivers attempt hard to avoid accidents, they become valuable assets to their companies. As a result, they help to enhance the reputation of the company.

  • The well-trained drivers know how to prevent road accidents like rollovers, rear-end collisions, or fender-benders. Besides, they learn to handle all the high-risk driving conditions for preventing accidents from happening.
  • Investing in the right driver training helps companies save money that they have to pay otherwise for repairing or replacing vehicles. Besides, it also helps to decrease the cost of insurance.
  • By employing well-trained drivers, the businesses do not have to deal with the headache of their fleet. They can be assured that their vehicles are in safe hands.

3. Driving training makes you compliant with the road safety protocols: When you are driving on the road, you need to take all the necessary actions for protecting yourself and your co-passengers by minimising the chance of accidents. And driving training also helps people to stay compliant with road safety laws. Besides, learning to drive from the best driving school professionals can increase the chance of passing both the theory and on-road tests to earn a driving license.

  • The proper driving training will encourage the drivers to follow the traffic laws at any cost.
  • This training will also help the drivers grow and continue being more cautious and prudent while driving on the road to reduce risks and other liabilities.

4. Driving training helps people learn important skills: Driving is a lot more than just learning how to make the vehicles going forward. When you decide to get behind the vehicle’s wheel, there are many factors and elements that you must consider before driving the car on the road.

And driving training can help you understand all the vital factors and characteristics of driving while ensuring your safety while driving. Although you can learn to drive a car from anyone, you need professional training to understand the critical knowledge and skills associated with driving to ensure you will not be at risk.

So, by joining a professional driving school and by learning the driving lessons from the experts, you can expect to learn skills like:

  • Changing or turning lanes
  • Traffic laws
  • Rights of the pedestrians
  • Your duties and responsibilities when driving.
  • Driving on the highways and freeways
  • Proper parking


So, it is evident that driving training is vital for anybody. Any person interested in driving is advised to learn to drive by professionals instead of learning from family members or friends. In the latter case, your training will be limited. Still, by joining a professional driver’s training program like the ones offered in Ezy 2 Learn Driving School, you can enrich yourself with the right knowledge and skills to get the license. This can help you later to drive safely on the road. Please visit for detailed information.

EZY 2 LEARN Driving School is the most reliable and trusted driving school in Sydney. We are second to none, and you can be assured to get top-notch driving lessons from our experts. Reach out to us on 0405 477 217 or email us at to get a personalised driving package from the best driving school in Sydney.

Benefits of Having a Driving Test Package

Who does not want to drive? Knowing how to drive gives a feeling of increased self-dependency where you need not have to wait for another person to take you to the market for shopping or on a long drive during the weekend. You can steer the wheel towards the place where you would want to or willing to go. A couple of decades back, the enthusiastic learners did not have the liberty to go to a driving school, enrol in the most suited driving test package and start learning because of the lack of driving schools. That person had to wait for the one who knew how to drive to teach him/her the lessons on how to drive.

Knowing to drive is a different feeling. But it is also true that the process to get a professional license is not a cakewalk. In other words, one must put in a lot of effort to get a legal permit to drive on a highway, city road, or anywhere in Australia. The right learning school and the driving instructor would make the entire process smooth. This is one of the reasons why a person willing to learn how to drive should hire a professional instructor from a reputed driving school. In addition to this, the driving schools have the best learning packages, designed as per the requirements of every prospective learner.

Comprehensive Learning Package will have EVERYTHING.

This segment has been competitive and hence, the companies that are into this business, have left no stone unturned in ensuring that they have all important courses included in their driving lessons. There are constraints to this. Firstly, not all would be willing to take the same package. Preference would always be on what is needed. Secondly, including everything in a learner package would mean a high cost for the same. Not all will feel comfortable paying the amount. Because of these two main reasons, one what could have been a big driving test package has been divided into several small packages- designed according to every individual’s requirement.

In most of the driving schools, the following are two important packages available:

  • Driving Test Package with different types of Driving Lessons
  • Standalone Driving Test Package

Driving test packages have the following different main inclusions:

  • Pick-up provision on the test day
  • Pre-test warm-up
  • Use of instructor vehicle for the test.
  • Drop-off post taking the driving test.

Considering the above-mentioned provisions, one can figure out the top benefits associated with the driving test package.

Benefits of Opting Driving Test Package

Most driving schools tend to offer the learner with a driving test package with different types of driving lessons because of many reasons. These are as follows—

  • “Reasonable Investment to become Pro from a Newbie”
  • There is a lot to learn in driving. Even a person who has been driving for 10 years might come across an all-new experience on the road. Therefore, from this perspective, it can be said that for a learner, it is a reasonable investment. Many lessons by reputed driving schools start from $50. Considering the exhaustive nature of the subject, a learner is always going to save big.

    If you are not a newbie, such small driving lessons have come as handy in clearing the test at a go.

  • “Best Way to Boost Confidence behind the Wheels”
  • The basics of driving are always easy, and they can be learnt in the daytime. The presence of brake pedal, accelerator, clutch, switches- are easy to learn and it is taught by the trainer in the first one hour. The next big thing that comes is controlling the steering and boosting confidence in driving. Not always a person is going to take an instructor or a trainer to the front seat. Some day he/she needs to drive all alone in the busiest of the traffic in the peak hours. For this, the person driving needs to have confidence and full control over the accelerator, clutch, and steering movement.

    The driving lessons that come along with the driving test package help in boosting the confidence of the learner. Such lessons have ‘X’ logbook hours under which the person notes down how many hours he/she has driven the training vehicle as a part of learning. The cost of the courses increases with the increase in the number of logbook hours. It is, therefore, important for the person to choose the apt course which would help boost the confidence before the D-day.

  • “Preparation Guaranteed for the D-Day”
  • A person does all this fuss to ensure that he/she passes the driving test. Since, in Australia, the road test conducted is standardised throughout and hence, each trainee needs to show that he/she has acquired a certain skill set in driving. Driving schools, in their courses, ensure that all possible Australian set standards are taught to the learner in the best way possible. The test given is tough and this can be evident from the incredibly low pass rate. The trainer would help the learner to smoothly pass the test with tips to be learnt for a lifetime.

  • “Keys to KEYS 2 DRIVE Program”
  • The training schools must list the government-funded Keys 2 Drive program where the learners are imparted free driving lessons. The lessons under this program are meant to be imparted by the Keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor. The driving schools have this program along with a driving test package. The purpose of the program is to change the way a learner drives by changing the way he/she learns. The trainers make sure that the learner becomes a safer P-plate driver after the completion of the course and successfully passing the driving test. The program trains the person the best ways by which he/she can practise driving.


Opting for the test package comes with numerous advantages. It would not only pick you up from your place but would also ensure that you hit the test track with confidence by providing a pre-test warm-up for a specified time. This initiative is quite helpful for the ones who are new and passing the test in a single attempt stands important. It is, therefore, considered mandatory to look for the type of courses and driving test package available. You can visit for the best driving test packages and get some fabulous deals.

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9 Tips Before Your First Driving Lesson Ever

Driving is one act that provides you with plenty of freedom, though the very thought that you are controlling a car could daunt you. However, with the best driving lessons, this is not something that you need to worry about at all. Often, you may also be unnerved at what the other people on the road may be thinking about you. However, with the following tips, you can be sure that you would be in the best position before taking the first lesson in this regard.

  • Get a lot of sleep the night before starting your lessons
  • Going to the first driving lessons is a lot like heading for an important event, and therefore it is so vital that you get all the rest you can on the night before. When you have slept well, you would be able to be focused on the job ahead. You would feel full of energy and always be alert. You would think as if you were ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Get acquainted with the layout of a car
  • This is an important thing to do before you start with your driving lessons. Cars are indeed primarily different from each other. However, they all have some basic features that they cannot do without. Those features may be enumerated as below:

    • accelerator pedals
    • rear-view mirrors
    • brake pedals
    • clutch pedals – this is found only in the manual cars.
    • steering wheels
    • gear sticks
    • lights and indicators
    • dashboard instrument panels

    The steering wheels and pedals are in the same location for every car. However, the other controls may differ in this context.

  • Have food and water before the first driving lesson
  • Never start the driving lessons on an empty stomach – get some food and water before starting the first class. If you stay hydrated during the first lesson, you would be capable of thinking with greater clarity, and this would help you perform a lot better behind the wheels. If you are hungry when you are driving, you could get distracted, which could mean that you lose focus. It is always better in these cases to carry a bottle of water with you

  • Take only the most necessary items with you
  • When you are taking the first driving lessons, stick to only those necessary items for you then. The most important among these would be your driver’s license. The laws in Australia require you to carry this with you when you are driving a car. If the police officers catch you driving without one, you could be subjected to fines. You could lose your license as well. Are you taking your phone with you when you are driving? In that case, set it in flight mode or switch it off.

  • Wear the right shoes
  • This is a crucial point to remember when you start your driving lessons. Your shoes must be comfortable because otherwise, you would not be able to move your feet with the necessary freedom. It is better to avoid any shoes such as heels that may negatively affect how well you can move your feet. These days, a lot of cars do have features that help you drive them with ease.

  • Stay focused
  • This is perhaps the most critical factor when it comes to driving lessons. Before you start these lessons, you may feel that a lot is going on. Indeed, when you are driving, you have to take care of a lot of things. You must control the vehicle you are driving. You need to be aware of the dashboard indicators and the lights. It would be best if you also looked out for potential hazards. However, in these cases, you must focus on what your driving instructor is telling you.

  • You need to relax
  • Your first driving lessons are not a driving test. So, you need to relax and take it easy. Your driving instructor would not expect that you would do something that a driver at an advanced level can do. It may be that your instructor may just be teaching you the fundamentals of driving instead of asking you to drive in traffic. This, however, depends on who you are learning to drive from. Most of these instructors would regard this as an introduction to the discipline and base the lessons around that.

  • You should never shy away from asking questions
  • While you are taking the first driving lessons, you should not be afraid to ask your driving instructors the essential questions. After all, you do not know everything about this, do you? Of course, you have passed the theory test, which implies that you are aware of the road rules. However, driving the car is an entirely different experience. This is especially applicable when you are driving a car for the first time. Your driving instructor would probably expect you to be confused, inexperienced, nervous, and full of questions.

  • Always listen to what the instructors are saying
  • This is something that you must do when you are taking the first driving lessons. You may think that you know everything already. However, it is still better to revisit all your knowledge with the help of your driving instructor. Do you think you know something? Then this is an excellent opportunity to test how much you truly know – a fantastic way of testing your skills. Such lessons would give you a good idea of how well you have progressed to date.

So, if you want to make sure that there is no gap in your driving knowledge, come and start learning how to drive at EZY 2 LEARN Driving School.

EZY 2 LEARN Driving School is the best driving school near you to help you get your driving license with ease. Contact us on 0405 477 217 or write to us at for any doubts or enquiries related to our teaching and approach to quality driving sessions.